Chiefs’ Andy Reid says Patrick Mahomes’ type of honesty is rare among NFL quarterbacks, says “Mahomes incredible aptitude enable Chiefs play multiple formations and beat opponents easily”

Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes


The best head coach-quarterback combination in the NFL is found in Kansas City. Coach Andy Reid’s creativity and quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ incredible talent have resulted in two Super Bowl championships, three Super Bowl appearances and five AFC Championship Game appearances.


That’s in just a five-year span. The 33rd Team’s Paul Domowitch chatted with Reid recently in a video shared on YouTube. Reid was asked how Mahomes has influenced the coach’s play-calling.


Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid

Reid praised Mahomes’ talent and his honesty. The latter may sound odd, but Reid explained why it’s a rare trait for an NFL quarterback these days and how it has helped their relationship. “Well, we’ve got a wide variety of things that we can call because of his aptitude and so we’re able to do multiple formations and play concepts that you might not be able to do with other people,” Reid said.


“And he’s honest. One of the things that a lot of quarterbacks won’t do is they won’t tell you, ‘I don’t like this.’ You know, they’re afraid to do that because you will think less of them. “Well, if he doesn’t like it, I’m gonna find out pretty quick from him.

Andy Reid leaves stadium in ambulance

And then by now I know the things that he likes to do, what’s comfortable for him, what he feels like will be successful against a team. So we try to put those on his plate and let him digest it and then go. But he likes variety.”

Because of that aptitude Mahomes possesses, Reid is comfortable with his play-calling during a game. “He allows you to have the freedom to call anything at any time on the game-plan sheet, and you feel confident about those plays,” Reid said.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid leaves stadium in ambulance pic

“So we’re not Xing out this because he might not be able to spit them out when he’s in the huddle and you save them for the sideline when they come off. … You don’t worry about that. He’s gonna make sure he’s got everything down. (He’s) sharp enough to handle it all.”


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