Carlos Alcaraz 5 word ‘ candid Confession about Novak Djokovic

Carlos Alcaraz 5 word candid Confession about Novak Djokovic


Carlos Alcaraz admits Novak Djokovic’s nutrition plan might be a bit too much for him but revealed he is learning from the Serb’s movement and ball-hitting. Djokovic, 36, has been a dominant force in tennis for the past decade and a half and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.


Carlos Alcaraz 5 word candid Confession about Novak Djokovic

On the other side, 20-year-old Alcaraz is off to an astonishing start to his career and he is widely expected to become the next all-time great. “It’s difficult to have his nutrition, I heard a bit about that, he’s 100% focused to be in a good shape.

But I watch his practices, his movement, the way that he plays and tries. He’s 100% in every shot, in every practice, in every game, so it’s something that I try to bring into my own game,” Alcaraz said.

Alcaraz constantly has Djokovic on his mind
Throughout the entire season, Alcaraz and Djokovic have been going back-and-forth in their battle for the world No 1 spot.

Most recently, Djokovic overtook Alcaraz at the top spot after the US Open. “Almost in every practice. I’m not going to lie. I practice with a goal, I go to the tournaments with a goal. It’s trying to end the year as No 1 so Novak Djokovic is around my mind almost in every practice,” Alcaraz told Tennis TV.

Addressing his short-term goals, Alcaraz candidly confessed he wants to finish the year ahead of Djokovic in the rankings. “Honestly, the tournaments that I have already had, I’m thinking about the No 1, being able to earn the No 1.

For me, that’s the main goal for right now to the end of the season. Let’s see, you know. But as well to learn, you know, from the, I’m going to say from, you know, the failures, that probably I could experience. You know, I learn from that and learning how can I be better every day or every practice, you know, that’s the main thing for me, but obviously, the No 1 is, you know, on my mind as well,” Alcaraz said.


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