“Brittany Teaching Her”: Taylor Swift’s Whisper to Patrick Mahomes’ Superwife Creates a $750 Million Ripple Effect

“Brittany Teaching Her”: Taylor Swift's Whisper to Patrick Mahomes' Superwife Creates a $750 Million Ripple Effect


The NFL has witnessed some of the best friendships among its players. Be it Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, or Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, all have strong bonds. However, this time, it seems like a friendship is budding between two individuals not directly from the NFL world but connected to the league.


“Brittany Teaching Her”: Taylor Swift's Whisper to Patrick Mahomes' Superwife Creates a $750 Million Ripple Effect

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes, both inspirational figures often referred to as wonder women, appear to be in the early stages of forming a friendship. When Tay-Tay previously attended a game at Arrowhead in Kansas City, she also joined the Chiefs’ post-game party, where she interacted with Brittany and the two seemed to have some fun the following day. Once again, at MetLife, the two crossed paths and were spotted sharing some whispers in the suite.

What did Taylor Swift ask Brittany Mahomes?

The NFL featured another Sunday night football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets on October 1 at MetLife Stadium. The game garnered significant attention due to the presence of numerous celebrities. Among these star guests, Taylor Swift was in attendance to witness the game and support her alleged boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift and Pat’s wife Brittany Mahomes were seen enjoying the game at the Chiefs private VIP suite. However, during the game, the 12-time Grammy winner and former soccer player were observed engaged in a private conversation. Shortly after this, Swift was seen leaving from there along with another friend.

A video of this interaction went viral, sparking curiosity among fans about the topic of discussion between the two prominent women.

Fans think that Brittany is teaching football to Taylor Swift?
Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift, having a combined net worth of $750 million, attended the Week 4 game, and it appears that the two have already developed a strong bond as they were both seen wearing black tops. Furthermore, another whisper exchange between them affirmed their friendship. Although it wasn’t clear what Swift asked Brittany, fans have come up with humorous theories about this viral video. One fan commented, “Brittney teaching her how football works.”

Someone jokingly said, “she’s definitely asking her if it’s a good time to use the bathroom 💀”

Another one wrote, “Taylor: Brittney, who’s that and where did he hide your hubby?”

Another fan speculated, “Is @taylorswift13 getting tips on how to be supportive after a loss?”

A comment read, “Her dancer also there🤭👏🏼”

Someone humorously wrote, “A friendship we never saw coming 🫶🏻🥹”

Whatever the whispers behind the scenes, it seems that Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift are gelling well, and they have definitely become good friends this season.


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