Patrick Mahomes wife Brittany angrily Fires Back at Troll Calling Her a ‘Gold Digger,’ Could ‘Care Less’ About Female Attention Patrick Mahomes Receives

Patrick Mahomes wife Brittany Fires Back at Troll Calling Her a ‘Gold Digger,’ Could ‘Care Less’ About Female Attention Patrick Mahomes Receives


Poking fun at haters. Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes (née Matthews), isn’t afraid to fire back at trolls when it comes to their relationship and family.

During an Instagram Story Q&A on Sunday, May 26, one user accused the former soccer player, 28, of being a “gold digger.” In response, she hilariously joked back, “I wish I dug and found gold.”


Brittany and Patrick, 27, have been together since 2012 and tied the knot after a nearly two-year-long engagement in March 2022. The couple became parents with the birth of their daughter, Sterling Sky, now 2, in February 2021, and later welcomed their son, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, 4 months, in November 2022.

While answering more fan responses, the Texas native addressed other questions about her and the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s relationship, including one which read, “How do you deal with all the women trying to get after your husband?” Noting that it’s “really sad” to see “how disrespectful some women are,” Brittany said she simply brushes off her husband’s female attention.

“They are a waist [sic] of my time & not going to disturb my peace,” she wrote on Sunday, before adding, “BUT I did use to have a very had time and get extremely annoyed. But I am now to a point where I could care less!”

The high school sweethearts got engaged after more than eight years together in September 2020, the same day Patrick received his first Super Bowl ring. #RingSZN,” the athlete captioned pics from his and Brittany’s proposal via Instagram, which took place in a VIP Box at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Patrick decorated the location with dozens of flowers and candles, as well as an illuminated “Will You Marry Me?” sign.

Brittany has previously clapped back at criticism regarding herself and the football player. In October 2021, the businesswoman complained via Twitter after the Chiefs lost a game to the Buffalo Bills, writing, “Refs are never in our favor. Never.” Though her comment garnered some angry attention from fans, she later doubled down on her words by adding, “I said what I said. Y’all so mad.”

In response to her tweet, one Chiefs fan wrote later that month, “Girl. I need you to stop. This was my team long before Patrick was here. It’s not giving the org a good look. Chiefs are bigger than you, me or any one player.” Clearly no stranger to a clapback, Brittany nonchalantly responded, “In the nicest way possible … Shut up.” She later showed grace to another fan who pointed out that “refs aren’t supposed to be in anybody’s favor,” writing, “Valid point.”

In January 2022, the fitness expert was criticized after sharing a video of herself popping champagne following the Chief’s victory over the Bills in an NFL division playoff game, getting bubbly on cold fans below. “I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week,” she tweeted at the time. She followed up the troll comments the following day, tweeting, “Hate is a very strong word to just be thrown at someone you don’t even know.”

During her Instagram Q&A on Sunday, Brittany also weighed in on the controversy surrounding Patrick’s brother, Jackson Mahomes. The 22-year-old is under investigation for assault after he was accused of allegedly assaulting a restaurant owner and waiter in late February. His lawyer has denied the allegations.

“How do you feel about the comments about your BIL?” one fan asked, to which Brittany responded, “They are ignorant. He is a human just trying to live his life and find his way and until you walk a day in his shoes (which no one ever will) you have no right to say s—t about him. So it’s best to just shut up.”


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