Brittany Mahomes shares one thing 1year old son Bronze can’t stay away from – “He gets real mad”

Brittany Mahomes shares one thing 10-month-old son Bronze can't stay away from -


Brittany Mahomes and her children take playtime seriously. The former soccer player is always seen participating in her children’s games. Her daughter, Sterling Skye, and son, Bronze, play together and form unforgettable memories. The siblings are usually surrounded by luxurious toys, but there’s one thing the 10-year-old baby boy cannot stay away from.


Brittany Mahomes shares one thing 10-month-old son Bronze can't stay away from - "He gets real mad"

The co-owner of the K.C. Current uploaded yet another video of her son from his playtime session. In the video, fans could see the baby crawl on all fours toward his mom. The caption on the video was:

“He can not be very far from his mama or he gets real mad.

The video was proof of what she claimed, as, by the end of it, Bronze started to get agitated.

The fitness enthusiast is preparing for the NFL season to start so that she can attend her husband’s games. Brittany Mahomes is often seen in the stands, donning yellow-and-red outfits. Sterling, her two-year-old daughter, is now a regular attendee at her father’s matchups.

It will be interesting to see how the season pans out for the Chiefs, who host the Detroit Lions on Thursday.

Brittany Mahomes and her children have a blast while playing together
Brittany, the wife of NFL star Patrick Mahomes, frequently delights her followers with heartwarming videos featuring her kids on social media. In a recent story, she shared an adorable video where her son, Bronze, attempted to squeeze through a hole while receiving enthusiastic encouragement from his sister, Sterling.

To safeguard the privacy and security of her children on social media, Brittany Mahomes takes a vigilant approach. She refrains from divulging personal information about her kids, abstaining from posting house tour videos and minimizing the disclosure of any sensitive details. Amid their hectic lifestyles, the Mahomes family continues to cherish the joys of parenthood.


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