Brittany Mahomes’ sarcastic remarks about Patrick Mahomes’ new Home got fans offended

Patrick Mahomes' Net Worth in 2023 alone

Patrick Mahomes and his family recently put their first Kansas City home on the market. That’s because the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and his wife, Brittany, built their own dream home in the area.

“It looks insane,I love it so much!!”Brittany Mahomes can not contain her joy at the sight. A photo of the Mahomes’ new house has surfaced on social media. It appears to have its own football field, golf hole, pond and much more.

Patrick Mahomes's House in Kansas City

That looks pretty ridiculous. But hey, when you’re the best quarterback in the NFL, coming off a Super Bowl win with a contract worth nearly $500 million, you can certainly afford a house like that.

Enjoy it, Patrick and Co.


With all the money Patrick Mahomes is set to make in the NFL, it makes sense that he has a dream home. Patrick Mahomes is building an impressive real estate portfolio. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has purchased four different properties which are worth a whopping $8 million.


Patrick Mahomes Mansion

Mahomes signed a 10-year, $450 million contract to keep him in Kansas City.

Thanks to Zire Golf on Instagram, we got an overhead view of Mahomes’ residence.

As you can see he has a football field, pool, and par three golf course.

Mahomes has been known as an avid golf fan his entire career.



NFL Fans Are Very Jealous Of Patrick Mahomes’ New House

Also, the 30-yard football field can be used to get some throws in with his teammates during the offseason.

There are a few NFL quarterbacks that have a similar setup with a football field in their backyards.

It is an easy way to build chemistry with teammates and stay out of the public eye.

Patrick Mahomes Mansion

Mahomes and the Chiefs are coming off their second championship in four seasons.

They once again enter the 2023-24 season as favorites to repeat.

Kansas City will remain in championship contention as long as Mahomes is under center.

Patrick Mahomes new home photo

He is the best player in the NFL and has not even turned 28 years old yet.

It will be interesting to see if any team can dethrone the Chiefs in the AFC.

One team that has been a thorn in their side is the Cincinnati Bengals.

Patrick Mahomes' new home

Also, the Buffalo Bills should once again be a contender.

Ultimately, the AFC is loaded with good teams and there are a number that could emerge as serious threats.

But as long as Mahomes is under center the Chiefs will be the team to beat.


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