Brittany Mahomes Just Bought Herself a brand new car… See Pictures

Kansas City Chiefs Star Patrick Mahomes Gifts Pregnant wife New Car pic


Over the years, Brittany Mahomes has developed a complicated relationship with NFL fans. While a few appreciate her content, many have taken to trolling the entrepreneur and Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson.


Brittany’s latest update about her new car has caught everyone’s attention. With the family on a trip to Las Vegas, Brittany revealed a sneak peek of her new car, a brand new Escalade with a powder blue interior.

“Mom got a new mom mobile,” Brittany wrote. In another video, she even called out to her daughter Sterling in the backseat. All grown up, Brittany attempted to ask her daughter about the new vehicle.

Patrick Mahomes Gifts Fiancee Brittany Matthews With New Ride


“Did mommy get a new car?” Brittany asks. Reddit users, however, weren’t impressed with this: The car, which begins at around $80,000, can be upgraded to a cost of around $100,000 and possibly even more.

While many of Brittany’s followers congratulated her and showered her with compliments, not everyone was impressed. Brittany Mahomes’ new car has once again sparked a debate among NFL fans about her public persona.

Patrick Mahomes gifts Ferrari to his wife Brittany Mahomes

As the Mahomes family enjoys their time in Las Vegas, it remains to be seen how this latest acquisition will shape public opinion in the coming days. Regardless, Brittany continues to navigate the complexities of being in the spotlight, drawing both admiration and criticism from fans.


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