Brittany Mahomes finds solace in the arms of Jackson Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes Tells Trolls to 'Shut Up' Over Jackson Mahomes Backlash

Patrick’s wife has been criticized by haters. In a world full of scrutiny, nobody is safe from criticism, not even NFL personalities and their families. Unfortunately, Brittany Mahomes is no exception and has faced her fair share of online trolling from fans. Whether it’s about her appearance, attire, or makeup, Brittany has been subjected to relentless criticism throughout her public appearances alongside her husband, Patrick Mahomes.

However, this time, she found comfort in the company of someone who understands the challenges of facing controversies: Patrick’s brother, Jackson Mahomes. During the ESPYS award show where Patrick and Brittany attended together, Jackson stepped forward to provide solace amidst the backlash Brittany was receiving.

Patrick Mahomes praised his spouse Brittany Mahomes for her resilience when it comes to dealing with social media trolls. The couple, both 27,
Patrick Mahomes praised his spouse Brittany Mahomes for her resilience when it comes to dealing with social media trolls. The couple, both 27,

The ESPY award show was a momentous occasion for Patrick and Brittany Mahomes as they graced the glamorous stage for two remarkable nights. Held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on July 12, Patrick, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, was nominated in multiple categories, including best athlete (men’s sports), best NFL player, and best team with the Chiefs. Stepping onto the red carpet, Patrick looked dashing in a cream-colored suit by Hugo Boss.

Brittany, on the other hand, turned heads in a stunning black Versace slit-gown adorned with intricate details and the iconic Medusa head insignia. She accessorized with chunky gold and diamond-encrusted jewelry. However, instead of celebrating their glamorous looks, the couple faced hateful comments and criticism flooding Brittany’s Instagram post. It was in this moment that Jackson Mahomes stepped up to lend his support during the backlash.

NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes credits wife Brittany for her approach to social media

Jackson went online to defend Brittany

Once again, online platforms became a breeding ground for hurtful remarks and body shaming directed at Brittany Mahomes as the couple enjoyed a memorable date night. Sharing their stunning looks from the ESPYs on Instagram with the caption “ESPYS,” Brittany unintentionally opened the floodgates for a barrage of negativity. People criticized her stylist’s choices, questioned her appearance, and made hurtful comments about her makeup.


Amidst the hurtful remarks and body shaming, Jackson Mahomes emerged as a source of support for the couple. He left a comment on the post, expressing his love and stating, “y’all look so good, love you guys!”

While Brittany has faced backlash and criticism in many situations, she knows how to handle herself with grace and strength. She has demonstrated this when faced with targeted attacks from individuals like Pat McAfee and Joe Rogan. Despite the challenges, Brittany continues to stay strong by her husband’s side.


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