BREAKING Psychic astrologer warns that Taylor Swift will Lose something huge that will shock the world THIS year : what is happening to Travis Kelce now ?

BREAKING Psychic astrologer warns that Taylor Swift's popularity will shift THIS year and huge shock will hit the world


Psychic astrologers have warned that 2024 is not ‘just another year’ and while cosmic influences make it a good time to forge new relationships, they may wreak havoc elsewhere.

From political spheres to finances Intuitive Astrologer Rose Smith claims it will be a very tough 12 months for many, with the second half of the year expected to be harsher than the first.


BREAKING  Psychic astrologer warns that Taylor Swift's popularity will shift THIS year and huge shock will hit the world

On the other hand. some will thrive more than ever – with genius side hustles and bold moves taking them miles ahead of the competition.

Speaking to FEMAIL Ms Smith, who runs the largest network of psychics in the Southern Hemipshere said extreme weather will also cause chaos and there will be big announcements in entertainment and politics.

Ms Smith has had a number of ‘psychic flashes’ regarding the year ahead which include Taylor Swift becoming even more powerful, Joe Biden winning another term in the White House and Jennifer Anniston finally finding love.

She has also revealed what the year ahead holds for members of every zodiac sign.

‘This year relationships versus independent autonomy is a strong theme, along with other important transformative themes,’ Ms Smith said.

The most affected star signs are Aries and Libra, followed by Cancer and Capricorn, although no one gets off scot-free as all star signs will be affected to some degree.

2024 as a whole:

Ms Smith predicts a challenging, and unpredictable year, particularly in the second half.

She is urging us all not to fixate on ideas, as life could change ‘at a moment’s notice’.

‘The biggest skill you can have in 2024 is flexibility,’ she said.

‘I’m troubled by our country’s economy – the average person is already struggling and with more to come that is a very dark cloud to view,’ she said.

Ms Smith foresees Uranus’ influence with a lightning storm, ‘swirling and swirling around.’

‘People can’t keep up with everything to do their own jobs… there will be issues with electricity supplies, increased relationship breakdowns, negative health outcomes and increased rates of stress,’ she said.

But on the positive side, there will be opportunities to make money in new industries. Avoid cryptocurrency which is likely to be very volatile.

2024 weather events

Ms Smith expects more weather extremes across Australia and globally.

‘It’s not the weather that we are used to – once in one-hundred-year drought and flooding weather events will become far more frequent,’ she said.

‘Lightning will be starting more bushfires and there will be many crop failures because of the drought.

‘It would be wise to grow your own food so you don’t get caught short with higher food prices’ she said.


2023 was another tumultuous year for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but Ms Smith feels the energy around them growing stronger in 2024 despite endless controversies.

Ms Smith believes much of the criticism surrounding the pair is unwarranted.

‘As Harry matures, he will become a leader on the world stage,’ she said.

She sees the numbers one and seven around the pair, which could potentially reflect something around their 17-year wedding anniversary, or perhaps when one of their children turns 17.

‘In numerology it adds up to eight which could mean lots of money… but some sort of sacrifice would need to be made,’ she said.

‘Harry is actually very stable… he’s barely started his upward trajectory! As he enters his 40s and 50s, he will be powering ahead and is destined to lead others.’

She predicts a lot of financial growth and success for the couple – with more ‘big deals’ underway.

Jennifer Anniston

Ms Smith predicts Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Anniston will go public with a new romance in in 2024.

‘She’s finally found a decent guy who really loves her, and she gets the relationship that she wants,’ she said.

Taylor Swift

Ms Smith predicts the international singing star will rise in popularity even more!

With upcoming Australian concerts, her appeal will expand here, and Ms Smith believes she is destined a fair way down the track for a career in politics.

However, for now, it’s all about her music. ‘She is a phenomenon… a potential ambassadorship for the US could be on the cards in the distant future,’ she said.


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