Breaking News : Kansas city Chiefs on fire as chief owner Clark Hunt Joyful announced wife Tavia Shackles Pregnancy ‘ Miracle ‘

Breaking News : Kansas city Chiefs on fire as chief owner Clark Hunt Joyful announced wife Tavia Shackles Pregnancy ' Miracle '


Tavia Shackles Hunt is the wife of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. She was a pageant queen who was Miss Missouri Teen USA and Miss Kansas.


Breaking News : Kansas city Chiefs on fire as chief owner Clark Hunt Joyful announced wife  Tavia Shackles   Pregnancy '  Miracle '

Tavia Hunt and her husband have three children and have been married for nearly 30 years. On her Instagram, she wrote in her bio, “Wife, Christ-Follower, Sports & Glamour Enthusiast, Community Volunteer. Pageant & Soccer Mom.”

She told KSHB in a September 2022 interview, “I would say that’s really the cornerstone for our family. Faith, family and football. But we say football is family because for us we really believe that we were made for relationships.”

Here’s what you need to know about Clark Hunt’s wife Tavia Hunt:

1. Tavia Hunt Was Born in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, & Was a Runner-Up to Miss USA Kenya Moore in 1993

Tavia Shackles Hunt was born and raised in Lee Summit, Missouri, and began competing in beauty pageants from a young age, according to Her Life Magazine. She was named Miss Lee’s Summit and Miss Missouri Teen USA in 1990 as a teenager, according to the magazine.

Hunt then went on to compete to be Miss USA, winning Miss Kansas in 1993. She then was second runner-up that same year in 1993 in the Miss USA competition, finishing behind winner Kenya Moore, who would later be known for her role as a “Real Housewives” star.

She told KSHB, “My whole family is here in Kansas City. I’m born and raised in Kansas City, and Kansas City is home to me. I was Miss Missouri Teen USA and toured the entire state of Missouri. Then, I was Miss Kansas USA and visited, I think, every small town in Kansas during the course of that year. And so I feel I have a special bond to Chiefs Kingdom. Kansas City is such a special city, and it truly has my heart.”

Tavia Shackles and Clark Hunt have been married since October 1993. They met while she was a college student interning with the Chiefs, which were owned by his parents, Lamar Hunt and Norma Hunt, at the time, according to KSHB. She was studying at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

She told the news station, “In 1991, I was a college intern in the PR department, and after the first kickoff luncheon at the end of the summer, we came back to kick off the season. At the end of that event, this nice guy came up named Clark and started talking to me, and we had a great conversation and had so much in common, we learned. He asked me if I’d like to have dinner sometime, and the rest is history.”

She told Her Life Magazine, “We met at the Chiefs’ kickoff luncheon. It’s ironic because my mother-in-law, Norma Hunt, met Lamar as a volunteer teacher for the team, also at a luncheon. They were married for 42 years.”

Tavia Hunt wrote on Instagram in October 2021, “28 years later and I love him more than ever. He’s steadfast, loyal, patient, kind, loving. A lifetime of love isn’t easy no matter the circumstances, (because life isn’t easy and selfishness comes too easily) but it comes down to a daily choice to love, forgive, and be ‘for’ each other. To choose to see the best in one another and overlook the faults. For us, that’s only possible with God. ‘And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.’”

Tavia Hunt is the director of the Chiefs’ Women’s Organization, according to its Instagram page.

She told in 2017, “We say football is family and it really is. Football brings people together and we’re excited to be here with our extended family and some of our amazing Chiefs wives and their significant others who are going to show us how they strut their stuff.”

Hunt told Her Life Magazine, “In KC, we have the best community and the best fan base in the entire country. It’s important for Clark and me to invest and give back to that community, and we’ve chosen to do this with a focus on children and hunger. We’re passionate about being involved and present for the fans and the organizations who support us.”

Hunt told KSHB, “I think it’s incredible to see how far women have come … not just in the league or the NFL but in society. I’ve been raised by strong women, and I want to raise strong women. So to take from Norma’s example and all that she’s contributed and then try to make my own mark on things while raising up the next generation. I don’t think there’s any greater reward for a parent than to see their child lean into the community, want to make a difference and really when they can love and serve in a way that gives them more pleasure than they’re giving to the people they’re serving. I think that’s really special, and that’s one of our greatest joys.”


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