Breaking news : Heartbreaking Coco Gauff newly bought mansion on fire

Breaking news : Heartbreaking Coco Gauff newly bought mansion on fire


Coco Gauff, winner of the WTA Citi Open 2023, has decided to give her family a beautiful gift. The very young US tennis star would have recently given her family a new house. The new mansion, as reported by, is expected to be worth millions of dollars, and would be equipped with all amenities, including a tennis court.


Outdoor front of a magnificent large luxury home.

Gauff’s family initially resided in Atlanta before moving back to Delray Beach to provide her with better training opportunities. Coco has a net worth of around $10 million. With her collaborations with the brands New Balance, Head, Barilla and Microsoft, she has already obtained a lot of money from sponsorships, which add to the already rich entry into prize money.

Coco won the Citi Open: now she is playing Montreal
Gauff is the new champion of the WTA 500 in Washington. Now she is playing the WTA 1000 in Montreal The young American tennis champion was back from a fairly difficult period, but she finally managed to break free.

In the final a balanced match was announced but there was no story, and Coco knocked down the Greek Maria Sakkari in straight sets. Exactly an hour and a half of play for the American tennis player who settled her opponent with the result of 6-2 6-3.

A tournament of the highest importance, with Coco who beat important opponents such as Sakkari in the final and Belinda Bencic in the semifinals, left to both her rivals nothing.In the press conference, the young American tennis star was visibly moved, saying she wanted to thank God for this victory.

Coco told: “I want to thank my Father, God for this. After losing 1st round Wimbledon it was a tough situation. A lot of prayer, a lot of support from my church family. So thank you to him & those who support me.” The US tennis star had beautiful words for her opponent in the final, the Greek Maria Sakkari: “All the words she said about me is really all I could say about her.

She’s one of the players I look up to on tour to be honest. I remember first coming on Tour and she was 1 of the nicest people. Thank you for being the person you are.”


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