‘Biggest fight ever!’ Queen Camilla gives King Charles divorce ultimatum

‘Biggest fight ever!’ Queen Camilla gives King Charles divorce ultimatum


The Queen of England, Camilla Parker Bowles has recently given her husband, King Charles a divorce ultimatum according to a new report, per Radar. The report alleges she forbade King Charles’ estranged son Prince Harry from seeing his father or staying at any royal property without an appointment.


However, King Charles was “blindsided” and Queen Camilla “took matters into her own hands.” She is allegedly working behind the scenes to make sure that King Charles’ legacy remains unaffected by Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s accusations.

This comes after the claims of King Charles being “very jealous” of Prince William and Princess Kate for “stealing his limelight.” According to a royal author King Charles has reached a compromise so that he is able to get attention as well. “He’s worked out a deal now, whereby William and Kate can have an allotted percentage of the limelight,” royal author Clive Irving said.

However, some insiders suggested that Queen Camilla is working to ensure peace, according to The National Enquirer. Their sources allege “Camilla is the power behind the throne!” and she demanded the king to “man up.” When King Charles confessed to “being guilt-ridden for not being a good dad to Harry as a boy, she took control.” When Prince Harry was invited to the coronation, Queen Camilla was allegedly furious and agreed with Prince Williams that he and Megan should have been banished from the kingdom instead, as per Radar.

On the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, Prince Harry received the invitation to stay in Balmoral, as a kind gesture from the king but he refused due to his busy schedule and made a secret visit to Queen Elizabeth’s grave in Windsor.


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