EXCLUSIVE: As Travis Kelce gushes over Taylor Swift, dating experts issue warning about singer’s relationship ‘RED FLAG’ – saying her desire to meet ALL her partners’ MOMS is a sign she wants to ‘force intimacy and control’

EXCLUSIVE: As Travis Kelce gushes over Taylor Swift, dating experts issue warning about singer's relationship 'RED FLAG' - saying her desire to meet ALL her partners' MOMS is a sign she wants to 'force intimacy and control'


A relationship expert has claimed that Taylor Swift meeting her boyfriends’ moms so early on in her romances is a desperate attempt for her to get ‘validation’ – but warned that it could ‘prematurely force intimacy’ and lead to a split.


EXCLUSIVE: As Travis Kelce gushes over Taylor Swift, dating experts issue warning about singer's relationship 'RED FLAG' - saying her desire to meet ALL her partners' MOMS is a sign she wants to 'force intimacy and control'

The singer, 33, was spotted spending time with her rumored new love interest, Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna Kelce, at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday.

The two sat side-by-side in a VIP suite as they cheered Travis on together – only weeks after rumors began swirling that she and the football star were dating.

Many took the hitmaker’s hangout session with Travis’ mom as a sign that the two were serious – but it turns out, this is something that Taylor has done numerous times in her past romances, many of which fizzled out soon after.

And according to dating coach and host of Do the Work podcast, Sabrina Zohar, rushing to meet your partner’s parents is a major ‘red flag.’

‘Honestly, meeting the parents early on is a red flag to me,’ she told DailyMail.com exclusively.

‘Meeting someone’s family prematurely forces intimacy early on and often forces validation from the family.

‘Depending on the partner’s receptivity, it can also be a means of control to expedite the stages.

‘While I understand she wants to meet the family and establish a deeper relationship, you can’t expedite the stages of a relationship faster than they naturally progress.’

Another relationship expert, Megan Weks, explained that it could be a sign that Taylor has an ‘anxious attachment style.’

She theorized that the pop sensation wants to move quickly because she’s ‘afraid of being abandoned.’

‘Securing the family relationships early might be a pattern that she uses to keep others close,’ she dished.

If you get attached easily and early, it could be a sign you have an anxious attachment style.

‘People with anxious attachment styles cling to others because they are afraid of being abandoned.’

Megan pointed out that Taylor has been open in the past about being bullied when she was in high school – which she believes could have lead to her having a low ‘sense of self.’

‘The bullying Taylor experienced could have left a lasting stamp on her sense of self and personal value, leading her to grasp on tightly in early relationships,’ she continued.

‘Even superstardom can’t erase belief imprints in our brain from an early age.’

Over the years, Taylor has been spotted with her boyfriends’ parents soon after they got together on numerous occasions.

She started dating Jake Gyllenhaal in late October 2010 – and just five weeks later, she jetted off to New York to spend Thanksgiving with his family.

Even before Taylor was romantically linked to Connor Kennedy in the summer of 2012, she was seen hanging with his family at a 4th of July party at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

And when she entered into a romance with Harry Styles after that fizzled out, it took only a mere few weeks for her to meet his parents.

Life & Style reported in December 2012 that she spent time with the singer’s mom, Anne Twist, and step-father, Robin Twist, at a party in New York City following One Direction’s show at Madison Square Garden.

‘His parents had come to support him at the show, and they definitely spent time with the new couple,’ an insider told the publication.

The onlooker claimed that Taylor ‘spent the early part of the night hanging with his parents,’ before heading to the stage to perform some karaoke numbers with Harry.

The Anti-Hero songstress was also famously spotted with Tom Hiddleston and his mother, Diane Hiddleston, in June 2016 – less than two weeks after they made their debut as a couple.

Photographers caught the three of them out for a walk together on a beach in England.

In addition, Matty Healy’s mom uploaded a sweet snap that showed her cozying up with the singer backstage at a 1975 concert in January, a few months before rumors began to swirl that they were dating.

Many social media users were quick to notice the pattern amid Taylor’s recent outing with Travis’ mom and flooded Twitter with posts about it.

‘This reminds me of Tom Hiddleston, his mom, and Taylor out on that walk. One thing she does is never wait long to meet the in laws,’ one person wrote.

‘Am I the only one who instantly thought of the photos with Tom Hiddleston’s mom when seeing Taylor at the game with mama Kelce?’ asked someone else.

A third tweet read, ‘Taylor being in the same suite as Travis’ mom has the same energy as her meeting Tom’s mom like a month into them dating. Girlie loves a whirlwind romance and I support her.’

‘Taylor collects moms,’ joked a different user. ‘She met Matty’s mom too.’

‘There’s no greater bond on Earth than Taylor Swift and the mother of the man she’s been dating for five minutes,’ another added.

‘If my son starts dating Taylor Swift, it’s my literal birthright to be included after date two,’ announced someone else.


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