Andy ‘romantic’ Reid reveals the touching reason he doesn’t wear his Super Bowl rings

Andy 'romantic' Reid reveals the touching reason he doesn't wear his Super Bowl rings


The Kansas City Chiefs had their official Super Bowl ring ceremony on Thursday four months on from securing the title back in February.


All the big names were there, including coach Andy Reid, the mastermind behind the Chiefs’ last two tournaments.

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While all the players could be seen wearing their new rings, coach Reid was one of the few people not actually wearing his.

Eagle-eyed journalists were keen to ask him why on the red-carpet on the event, and his reasoning couldn’t have been romantic.

“This is my Superbowl ring right here”, said the 2023 Super Bowl Champion as he pointed to his wedding ring. The comment was accompanied by a cheeky smile- Reid certainly knew he would earn some extra brownie points with the romantic remark.


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