Amid rumor : Patrick Mahomes Mom Randi finally open up about Daughter, Mia’s real Identity

Amid rumored Identity : Patrick Mahomes Mom Randi finally open up about Daughter, Mia's real Dad


Mia Randall, nick name Mia Bliss, is an American girl, famous for being the half-sister to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.


She is a regular attendee at her step-brother’s games, and is often photographed close to the field.

Mia Randall Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes little sister. They share the same mother, but different fathers.

Mia was born after Mahomes Sr. had divorced his wife Randi Martin.

Despite their age difference, Patrick Mahomes II is very close to his step-sister. She tries to attend as many games as she can whenever her brother is playing.

Mia’s other brother is called Jackson Mahomes, a TikTok sensation.

Who is Mia Randall’s father?
Mia’s mother, Randi Martin, has chosen to keep this information private. was pressured to say the Truth, I guess the little girl needs to know her biological dad..she added

When i got Divorced and was frustrated, chiefs coach was a family friend due to one or two we got drunk and had a one night stand which resulted to my pregnancy.

we have decided to keep this as a Secret for a very long time now but she deserves to know. Andy Reid is her biological father


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