6 reason why Patrick Mahomes Bought another House for Homeless Kid’s

6 reason why Patrick Mahomes Bought another House for Homeless Kid's


The Kansas City Chiefs took the Miami Dolphins by storm and didn’t allow them to settle in at any point during the match. The game in Germany came with a lot of stress and fatigue for Patrick Mahomes and the men in red. For now, Mahomes will be taking a much-deserved rest during the bye week, spending time with his family at his home.


6 reason why Patrick Mahomes Bought another House for Homeless Kid's

Here, his time off-field draws attention to the private life of the QB. Patrick Mahomes, apart from the game of football, has quite a real estate portfolio that’s worth diving into. The two-time Super Bowl winner has a significant amount of expensive real estate to his name that many people can only dream of having. From Missouri to Texas, Mahomes has left no stone unturned to expand his portfolio.

Patrick Mahomes has a couple of mansions throughout the country. After a $500 million payout that came from winning the Super Bowl, Mahomes invested in some expensive real estate. It all started back in 2017 when Mahomes was at the start of his professional career. His first house was a 1,800 sq. ft penthouse that he purchased for $350,000.

Mahomes got quite a bargain on a place that houses a hardwood floor, and a fireplace to start with. The house also comes with 3 outdoor terraces. However, the footballer listed the house for sale this year for $550,000. His next mansion was a massive upgrade. He bought it for $1.8 million near the Arrowhead Stadium this time.

It is a 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom property which spans across 4,300 sq. feet. There is a recurring theme here with the fireplace and a massive bedroom. This house though, comes with a huge garden, a mini golf course, and the usuals like a patio, some office space, and a pool.

But here is the twister, the bedroom alone is 1,250 sq. feet, and has a boutique room where Mahomes keeps his sneakers and sunglasses. The property is currently up for grabs and comes with a price tag of $2.9 million. As new styles and demands came into focus in the real estate world, Mahomes also grabbed the chance to keep upgrading his living spaces.

Come 2020, Mahomes had everything that he could dream of. After building an impressive portfolio, he set out to get more. The QB purchased a vacant land in Belton, Missouri for about $400,000. The exact details of the property are not listed online though. Mahomes supposedly moved his family to his newly built abode this summer.

The property houses a 50-yard football field, a soccer field, and of course a par-three golf hole for the good time with the boys. When Mahomes is not playing, he stays in Texas with the family for the off-season.

His manor in Texas houses 4 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Talk about luxury! Mahomes reportedly purchased the property for $3.37 million from Andrew Gissinger III. The property boasts a gaming room and a view of the Vaquero Golf Course. Now, which of the Patrick Mahomes’ mansions is your personal favorite? Let us know down below.


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