5 reason why Taylor’s Dad scott Said his daughter Taylor and Travis Kelce Are Entering a “Very Challenging Stage of Their Relationship”

5 reason why Taylor's Dad scott Said his daughter Taylor and Travis Kelce Are Entering a


TMZ and Page Six appear to be locked in a battle of conflicting sources when it comes to whether or not Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are going to get engaged. (A subject that truly only Tay and Travis know anything about, so lol at all of this.)


In case you missed it, Page Six spoke with an insider who casually informed everyone that the pair wants to get engaged this summer—specifically on the couple’s one-year anniversary. But TMZ’s insiders say an engagement is 100 percent not in the cards anytime soon.

The outlet reports that a “proposal isn’t forthcoming in the near future” and that sources have told them “there’s absolutely no engagement in the works between Taylor and Travis right now.”

TMZ also reports that some “folks on the inside of this don’t think it’ll go the distance” and that several of Taylor and Travis’ friends think they’re still in a “honeymoon” phase. Oh, and per their sources, Taylor and Travis are “about to enter a very challenging stage of their relationship” due to going long distance when Taylor resumes her Eras Tour.

But to be honest….they’ve kinda been doing long distance this entire time? I mean, Taylor was touring when this relationship started, and she’s been spending her time off between Kansas City and NYC. Plus, Travis’ NFL season is winding down after the Super Bowl next month, which means he can potentially join her on tour.

But nevertheless, the outlet insists that “folks in their orbit are saying let’s see how they deal with the really long distance before jumping to engagement talk,” so…guess we’ll see!


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