watch : Sadly KC Chiefs losing it as McCaffrey touchdown puts 49ers 10-0 up on Chiefs : Super Bowl 2024

It’s taking every ounce of effort Patrick Mahomes has got just to keep the chains moving here, as he just about evades Nick Bosa to fire a ball to Justin Watson.

In three years in the NFL, Jauan Jennings has not even attempted a single pass.

Then the 49ers ask him to let fly in the sport’s biggest game and he registers a touchdown pass. That’s why we love this sport.

Two-minute warning
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San Francisco 49ers 10-0 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are all over the place here – strange for a team who played in last year’s Super Bowl but they’re a bit ragged, making mistakes and giving away penalties.

Defensively they’ve been pretty good overall, but that 15-yard penalty helped put the Niners in range to score their touchdown.

Offensively it’s been a mess, with Patrick Mahomes unable to breathe back there under intense pressure. They need to somehow start turning this around quickly.

A momentum changer’
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San Francisco 49ers 10-0 Kansas City Chiefs
Jason Bell, former cornerback for the New York Giants on ITV: “A momentum changer. Give Christian McCaffrey space and blockers in front of him… and we knew this game would be about CMC. That was orchestrated to perfection. That was the play they had to have in the moment they needed it.

“It’s what might fire Patrick Mahomes up. The Chiefs have to get points before the end of the half so let’s see what they do.”

Osi Umenyiora, former defensive end for the New York Giants on ITV: “A little bit of trickaration from Kyle Shanahan. And yes, that is a word! An outstanding play call.”

Chiefs struggle to keep cool
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San Francisco 49ers 10-0 Kansas City Chiefs
Ryan Fitzpatrick, former NFL quarterback, on Sky Sports: The lack of composure from the Chiefs is shocking.

Oh. My. Word! What have we just seen? No surprise that Christian McCaffrey scores the touchdown, but unbelievably it’s wide receiver Jauan Jennings who throws the TD pass!

It’s a trick play that looks to have gone all wrong, as Jennings hangs up a lofted pass flat across the field, but as Nick Bolton goes to intercept it he’s bumped out of the way, and that leaves McCaffrey to gather and then hit the jets.

And when he hits the jets he’s not going to be stopped.


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