Taylor Swift fans reveal ‘horrifying wardrobe malfunction’ at the Eras Tour: ‘Take this as a warning’

Taylor Swift fans reveal 'horrifying wardrobe malfunction' at the Eras Tour: 'Take this as a warning'


Several Australian Taylor Swift fans have issued a waring after suffering through a ‘shocking wardrobe malfunction’ during the Eras Tour concerts – and they’re not the only ones.

Fashion lovers previously rushed to Glassons to get their hands on the chain mail ‘Metallic Backless Crop Top’ ($40) and dubbed it the ‘perfect’ concert outfit.


Taylor Swift fans reveal 'horrifying wardrobe malfunction' at the Eras Tour: 'Take this as a warning'

However, the top’s delicate clasp snapped during the concert and left many exposed before Taylor Swift even came on stage.

One shared the moment ‘tragedy struck’ in a video – where a Melbourne fan was forced to take off the top and stay in her undershirt for the concert.

Emily, another Sydney fan, revealed that her clasp broke just minutes before the concert started.

‘You don’t know stress until your top breaks during Applause,’ she said, with the Lady Gaga hit being the last song that plays before Taylor comes on stage.

‘A truly terrifying wardrobe malfunction,’ Emily said.

Glassons told FEMAIL that the top was a ‘very delicate garment’ due to its material and style – but fans were welcome to return the item for a full refund if they had experienced any difficulties.

The brand confirmed that shoppers don’t need their receipts – they simply need to bring the broken tops in and staff will be able to help

A few shared that they also suffered through the same fate.

‘Oh my god, this happened to me with the same top!’ one said. ‘I wore it to post Malone.’

‘Happened to me too at Harry Styles! Broke so many times even after trying to fix it,’ another said.

A woman revealed: ‘I took it back to the shop and returned it for store credit because it broke so quickly.’

‘This happened to me at Dua Lipa – it didn’t even last one song, and I had to wear a bra around the rest of the night,’ one wrote.

‘I was wearing the exact same top, and I danced a little too hard during ‘Shake It Off’ and one my straps popped off,’ another echoed.


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