Sadly Head coach Nick Sirianni unveil 5 reason why Jalen Hurt won’t be playing giants vs eagles game today

Sadly Head coach Nick Sirianni unveil 5 reason why Jalen hurt won't be playing giants vs eagles game today


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts popped up as a DNP on the injury report Saturday due to an illness ahead of Monday night’s meeting with the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field.


Sadly  Head coach  Nick Sirianni unveil 5 reason why Jalen  hurt won't  be playing  giants vs eagles  game today

Considering the grit Hurts has displayed during his time in the NFL, this didn’t cause much concern for Eagles fans. Most players tend to brush off an illness designation and play.

However, Hurts’ illness reportedly “worsened” on Saturday night and into Sunday morning. But now, ahead of gametime?

Hurts is going to give it a go.

NFL Network analyst and former quarterback David Carr caught the internet’s attention this week when he suggested the Philadelphia Eagles bench starting quarterback Jalen Hurts to help their Super Bowl chances.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Total Access,” Carr claimed that backup quarterback Marcus Mariota would be “better at playing quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles right now” and “would be more productive,” according to a video shared by NFL Total Access on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Why does David Carr think the Eagles should bench Jalen Hurts?
Carr, brother of New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr, argued that the Eagles should start backup Marcus Mariota until Hurts, who has the fourth-best MVP odds according to Fox Sports, is fully healthy.

“The only way they get there, to (Michael Robinson)’s point, is if Jalen is 100% and he is that dynamic weapon in the run game because that creates your offense on the outside and your one-on-ones,” he said.

Is Jalen Hurts healthy?
The problem with Carr’s suggestion? Hurts has been healthy enough to stay off the 10-2 Eagles’ injury report.

He was evaluated for a concussion during Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers but returned to the game. Earlier in the season, he dealt with a nagging knee injury but played through it, taking off the knee sleeve before Thanksgiving, according to NBC Sports.

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Hurts’ rushing production has declined this season.

His 430 rushing yards is shy of the 609 yards he had at this point of the season last year. But on Sunday, he proved he’s still a weapon in the Eagles run game when they need him, rushing for 65 yards against the 49ers.

“If you’re (head coach) Nick Sirianni, this is the type of decision and conversation you have to have if you have a big picture mentality,” Carr said. “That’s all Jalen talks about is the end result and getting to the Super Bowl and winning that thing.”

While resting Hurts would likely put the Eagles’ No. 1 seed in jeopardy, Carr argues that it “doesn’t matter if you’re the No. 1 seed” and the Eagles could use Mariota while Hurts rests so he’ll be fully healthy for the playoffs.

On Thursday, Carr clarified that he considers Hurts the second-best player in the league, but he didn’t stray from his belief that sitting Hurts would be beneficial to the Eagles’ Super Bowl chances.

“It’s all about the Super Bowl. No one cares about second place,” he said in a video shared on X. “Why play Marcus? I don’t know — to give Jalen a chance to rest, to sit.”

Carr pointed out that teams like the Bengals and Colts have been able to win with backups Jake Browning and Gardner Minshew, adding that Mariota could do the same for the Eagles and possibly preserve their No. 1 seed.

He also called Hurts’ legs his superpower and compared the Eagles quarterback using his mobility to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady using their superpowers to win Super Bowls.

“You have to have your superpower and you have to be on point with it to win that game. That’s all Philly cares about, hopefully,” he said. “If you roll in with Jalen Hurts healthy, no one else will be able to hang with that, man.”


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