Patrick Mahomes warns Travis Kelce against disrespectful woman – not Taylor

Patrick Mahomes warns Travis Kelce against disrespectful woman - not Taylor


Taylor Swift’s fans have noticed one telling detail in the new snap of the singer kissing her NFL beau Travis Kelce in public for the first time.


Patrick Mahomes warns Travis Kelce against disrespectful woman - not Taylor

In the photo, the Bad Blood hitmaker, 33, was seen reaching up to her football player boyfriend, 34, and kissing him on the cheek – with her hand intimately placed on his chest.

It was shared by the girlfriend of Kelce’s teammate Mecole Hardman Jr – a wide receiver for the Chiefs – on Monday morning.

Thrilled fans pointed out that the blonde beauty appeared to be comfortable enough around her new love interest to not wear her signature red lipstick around him, or that it might have smudged off due to their amorous display.

‘Awww and I know she feels comfortable with y’all cause the red lip came off,’ one commentator pointed out, after Swift was seen rocking a red lip earlier at the game.

At least Taylor toned down the makeup for these pictures,’ another added.

A number of fans also expressed their joy over the new romance, with one writing, ‘Epic love, they deserve each other. I hope it will last forever.’

‘They’re so cute OMG,’ someone gushed. ‘A bundle of cuteness,’ another added. ‘Looking pretty happy together! Good for them!’

The joyous comments continued: ‘Nice to finally see her happy.’

One fan joked about Travis being good material for Taylor’s next album: ‘Poor Travis has no idea that he is giving content to Taylor for her next album.’

‘Look at that Travis smile. He smiles knowing that he owns the queen of pop,’ someone else theorized.

‘She’s happy. That’s all that matters,’ another one added. ‘Hope the Queen will keep him longer or forever,’ yet another person shared.

The week prior Taylor left lipstick all over her beau’s face after a steamy backseat makeout session.

Eagle-eyed Swifties were quick to point out the star’s red lipstick, which is typically perfectly lined, was noticeably smudged.

As if it wasn’t obvious enough that the lovebirds couldn’t keep their heads off each other from the singer’s rubbed off foundation and smeared makeup, the footballer seemingly sported traces of her lipstick on his mustache.

Swift and Kelce have taken their relationship to the next level – as they posed for the loved up snaps on Instagram.

Travis, who is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been in a whirlwind romance with the pop star – garnering world wide attention for their love story.


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