Patrick Mahomes got a beautiful message from his wife Brittany Mahomes, as their daughter Sterling Skye Kisses dada good luck

Patrick Mahomes got a beautiful message from his wife Brittany Mahomes, as their daughter Sterling Skye Kisses dada good luck


It’s a special day for Patrick Mahomes. The NFL QB is currently setting historic records and maintaining the reigning Super Bowl champion status of his team, the Kansas City Chiefs. As a quarterback, the long-term perspective on Mahomes’ career reveals the significant physical toll his body endures month after month, as highlighted by Peyton Manning in his Netflix Quarterback series trailer.


Patrick Mahomes got a beautiful message from his wife Brittany Mahomes, as their daughter Sterling Skye Kisses  dada good luck

Fortunately, Mahomes is blessed with a beautiful family, which includes Brittany Mahomes and their two adorable children. The QB is blessed with his family’s support at all times, which also gives him the much needed respite from his truly demanding profession. This may well be a key factor contributing to Mahomes’ rapid ascent to becoming the young GOAT. On top of that, his wife Brittany Mahomes makes sure not to leave a chance of making her appreciation known, ultimately inspiring him to be his best.

Like father, like daughter!

Ahead of the matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Chiefs on October 12, Brittany Mahomes shared a story on her Instagram for her fans, particularly for her husband Patrick Mahomes. She posted a photo of herself with their firstborn, the adorable Sterling Skye, which was clicked during the Chiefs’ game against the Minnesota Vikings. The former soccer player also included a message for QB Mahomes, saying, “Looking like her daddy🥹,” and then tagged Patrick Mahomes.

In the picture, Sterling is indeed resembling Mahomes as the baby is dressed in a red and white outfit, mirroring her father and Chiefs’ jersey. She looks exactly like her dad and makes the perfect cheerleader for his team! On the other hand, Brittany was stylishly dressed in a black leather jacket, gaining attention from fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Furthermore, another antic by Sterling ended up reminding fans of the 2-year-old girl’s father!

She was seen sticking her tongue out in the uploaded story, which is often considered one of the significant and enigmatic attributes of her father Patrick Mahomes.

Why does Patrick Mahomes have the habit of sticking his tongue out?

For Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes fans, his habit of sticking out his tongue is well-known. But have you ever wondered what it means? Is there any scientific significance to it? Patrick Mahomes, the QB for the Kansas City Chiefs, has this unique habit of sticking his tongue out when he throws passes. Ian Whishaw of the University of Alberta’s Canadian Centre for Behaviour Neuroscience looked at Mahomes’ video footage of him throwing the ball and the habit of him sticking out his tongue.

According to Whishaw, when we reach for something, there are two components: aiming and reaching. Interestingly, Whishaw noticed that Mahomes and others like him lift their hand to the aim position, stick their tongue out, and then reach. It’s like they’re reaching with their tongue first, before reaching with their hands if they need to. He highlighted that there’s a very close relationship between tongue and hand. It’s almost as if they’re the same thing. He further mentioned that the tongue comes out at the same moment, not when Mahomes throws the ball, but when he raises his hand, almost as if the tongue is indicating the target before the hand reaches it.

This behavior may be linked to how the brain processes information, with the tongue’s movement signaling the hand to follow suit, and ultimately, that is also the reason why Mahomes does not bite his tongue while throwing passes.


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