Novak Djokovic Cheating Scandal Set The Internet on Fire

Novak Djokovic Cheating Scandal Set The Internet on Fire


Novak Djokovic’s first love today said the faltering tennis ace would never cheat on his wife Jelena – as he was pictured with a glamorous healthy living guru.


Novak Djokovic Cheating Scandal Set The Internet on Fire

Lidija Popovic says she has an ’emotional bond’ with the star – but insisted he is happily married.

The pop singer turned DJ, known as the ‘Jennifer Lopez of Serbia, said she was not aware of any problems between the Serbian star and Jelena – despite claims about the marriage.

Djokovic, 30, whose wife is expecting their second child next month, has admitted that ‘private issues’ have affected him since he won the French Open last year.

But speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Popovic, described in Serbia as the tennis champ’s ‘soulmate’, said: ‘As far as I know he is happily married.

‘It doesn’t matter what other people say. He is married, people should not talk about him.’

Popovic, who performs under the name ‘Lady Lee’ as an international DJ, says she does not believe Djokovic has cheated on Jelena, 31.

Describing the tennis champ was her first serious ‘teenage love’, she admitted she was devastated when they split up and Djokovic began dating Jelena.

‘He was my big love. We were very young, just teenagers’,’ she said.

Popovic spoke as the troubled tennis ace was pictured with a glamorous Russian healthy living guru.

Tanya Maher is a raw food and wellness coach who owns Tanya’s Cafe, located within the MyHotel in upmarket Chelsea.

The married mother-of-one posted a photo of her and the star on Instagram and gushed: ‘My hero! This man knows how to do life and be an awesome human doing awesome things. What an honour it is to be in his presence.’

Former Wimbledon champion McEnroe compared Djokovic’s alarming dip in form – to Tiger Woods’ troubles while commentating for the BBC on Wimbledon. McEnroe said Djokovic has ‘off court issues with the family.’

He added: ‘The person that comes to mind immediately with Novak is not a tennis player, it’s actually a golfer: Tiger Woods.

‘Woods had the issues with his wife and then he seemed to go completely off the rails and has never been even close to being the same player. So we’re starting to say: ‘Wait a minute, is this possible with him, Djokovic?”

McEnroe didn’t mention what the family issues might be, but the international tennis circuit has been rife with rumours for the past 18 months with stories about Djokovic and other women.

In 2011, it was said that he was texting gorgeous blonde Serbian pop star Natasa Bekvalac.

And in March last year he was pictured leaving celebrity hangout The Nice Guy with Bollywood film star Deepika Padukone.

Popovic waded into her former boyfriend’s marriage woes when she suggested that he would be happier in a relationship with a woman who has her own career like Padukone.

An Italian newspaper also claimed he is followed around the world by a sexy ‘super fan’ from Canada who posts photos of herself courtside at his matches.

The woman, only identified by her first nameVictoria, says she is a lawyer and has an Instagram account with the name Legally _Blonde.

Djokovic has also been linked to sexy American celebrity chef Lauren Von Der Pool, 33, who cooks for Venus and Serena Williams and first met Djokovic in 2012 when she gave him dieting tips.

She posted three pictures on Instagram of her with Djokovic but denied any romantic involvement.

While there is no proof of any affairs, Djokovic’s ‘private issues’ coincided with a drop in form when the defending champion crashed out of last year’s Wimbledon in the third round.

He then pulled out of a Davis Cup match against Great Britain for his beloved Serbia saying he needed to spend more time with his wife and young son Stefan.

‘We all have private issues and things that are more challenges than issues,’ he said at the time.

‘Things that we have to encounter and overcome in order to evolve as a human being. It was resolved. Life is going on like everything else.’

Speculation about the state of his marriage only increased after Jelena went on holiday alone immediately after the Wimbledon defeat.

Weeks later she sat with a glum face in New York as Djokovic defended his US Open title and left before the end of his opening match.

The couple married in Montenegro in 2014 when blonde Jelena was six months pregnant with their first child.

As well as supporting her husband on the court she runs the Novak Djokovic Foundation in Serbia which provides educational grants for children.

Her sister Marija also works with the foundation with Djokovic using some of the £75m career earnings to help under privileged children in his home country.

Jelena, who is pregnant with their second child, has remained at their home in Monte Carlo while her husband battles to win his fourth Wimbledon title.

She has been present at other tournaments in the player’s box with the pregnancy and her presence a clear signal whatever problems they had last year are in the past.

Family members on both Novak and Jelena’s side in Belgrade are reluctant to talk about any marital problems.

Bogdan Obradovic, the former captain of the Serbian Davis Cup team and a close friend of Djokovic, referred to problems as ‘being in the past.’

He said: ‘I strongly disagree with what John McEnroe said about Novak. It is outrageous to compare him to Tiger Woods.

‘This is all in the past and his life is now in balance. He has new coaches in Andre Aggasi and Mario Ancic and he is doing very well.’

Members of Djokovic’s family would not comment on the ‘family issues’ mentioned by McEnroe.

‘I have nothing to say,’ said his mother, Djiana.

Jelena’s parents Vera and Miomir, who live in a modern town house on the outskirts of Belgrade, were equally reluctant to talk.

‘We have no comment to make,’ said Vera. ‘There is nothing to say.’

Djokovic, however, was happy to address what McEnroe had said in the TV broadcast.

He said the American commentator had every right to say what he wanted but suggested he had not thought carefully enough before speaking.

‘He’s very well known for his kind of bold comments and not really caring too much about being politically correct but saying whatever is on his mind,’ he said.

Asked if the comments were justified, he said: ‘He has his right to say the things he wants to say. I don’t necessarily need to agree with that. But it’s his right.


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