“Not Bad Energy But I’m probably Jealous of Travis ” Jason Kelce told why


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce played a round of golf with former NBA player Chandler Parsons before signing his baby boy’s cranial helmet in a move that would make Jason Kelce proud.


"Not Bad Energy But I'm  probably Jealous of  Travis " Jason Kelce told why

Jason, Travis’ older brother and recently-retired NFL star, once made the Chiefs TE laugh during their “New Heights” podcast for saying he would love to sign a baby’s forehead. It’s safe to say this is the next best thing.

“Uncle Trav’s in town!” Parsons’ wife, Haylee, captioned one of her posts on Instagram Stories.

“Making cranial helmets cool,” she added on another picture.

Jason Kelce is probably jealous of Travis
Jason has only signed plastic babies since his comment made Travis laugh out loud and say he would never do such a thing.

Fast-forward about a year and now it’s Travis putting ink to baby, which probably made Jason a tad bit jealous.

Travis is making time for friends, family and work despite spending a ton of time with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, who does the same for him.


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