Breaking news : Jason Kelce adopted 8 months male Child stating why he and his wife made such decision ; see adorable photo’s

Breaking news : Jason Kelce adopted 8 months male Child stating why he and his wife made such decision ; see adorable photo's


Jason Kelce knows just how challenging it is to watch over three girls!

On the latest episode of his New Heights podcast with brother Travis Kelce, the NFL star was asked if his wife Kylie Kelce left daughter Wyatt, 4, in charge while she visited Milan Fashion Week in February.


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“I mean Wyatt is always in charge, really,” joked Jason, 36, who is also dad to daughters Elliotte, 3, and Bennett, 12 months.

“You try to not make her be in charge,” he continued. “I try to discipline her. It’s just hard. It is hard to reason with somebody that has no reason.”

In a sweet moment, Travis, 34, noted that Wyatt was one of his favorite people to “people-watch” and that he loved watching her play with her little sister Elliotte, though she often did her own thing.

He also shared a story about when their father Ed Kelce got Elliotte a toy for her birthday in which she could shoot little foam airplanes from the top of a gun and said the “girls were going nuts” over it. He recalled telling Wyatt not to shoot Elliotte and to “be careful” but his eldest niece still shot Elliotte in the side of the head.

“ ‘Oh no, Wyatt,’ I said don’t do that… [but I saw] the slow turn, and the smile, the joy [on her face],” Travis recalled. “Ellie was having a blast. She cried for about two seconds and then was right back to shooting it!”

“This is why Kylie didn’t leave me in charge of the girls cause there would have been plenty of that,” Jason teased, adding that he got plenty of help over the week from his mother-in-law and their babysitter Lauren.

“I was not alone with the girls for more than two or three hours at any point in the weekend,” he admitted. “Grandma stayed over, Kylie’s mom, thank you… she’s insane.”

“I can handle Ellie and Wyatt,” he continued. “It’s really the baby, the infant that for some reason I’m just not as adept at handling. I try.”

Jason — who retired from the NFL on Monday — said that his mother-in-law and babysitter were “pulling lots of extra time duty” to “help us get through that week,” especially since he joked that he takes more time to wake up than most folks. However, he was “happy” that his wife got some time to herself.

“I’m really happy Ky was able to go out there,” he shared. “She doesn’t get any time away from the girls, really. So, between Vegas for the Super Bowl and then Milan Fashion Week, it was awesome. She went out there with her friend. Killing it!”


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